Gardening clubs & groups
Organic gardening group with details of what we are and what we will and have done
The Cottage Garden Society of Great Britain - a society to keep alive the tradition of gardening in the cottage style
One of the largest specialist garden societies in the world (an international membership of over 13,000) with the aim of promoting an interest in all aspects of alpine plants, their cultivation in rock gardens, and plant conservation in natural habitats
BOGI is a community organic gardening and farming group.  Established in the mid-seventies, we are one of the oldest and largest organic growing groups in Australia
Alpine Garden Society - Wirral and West Cheshire Group
British fuchsia society diary page
This promotes the use of Clematis and the activities of the International Clematis Society. There are a number of pages which are updated regularly including 'Clematis of the Month' from our resident USA author Brewster Rogerson. We answer Clematis queries from all over the world. 
Massachusetts Horticultural cociety
The Violet Society is a free internet based group for people with an interest in Violets ( Not African Violets)
Devon Violets Nursery the NCCPG national Collection Holder
Gardening in the United Kingdom, whether you have a couple of pots or acres of land, all are welcome here
 a community garden set up by local residents and children
A greenhouse forum where greenhouse gardeners may ask and answer questions.
 Our new site gives details of monthly meetings, trips, stores and past newsletters. Coming soon, weekend contact and guestbooks.
A highly interactive site with a live chat room, forums, message board, members websites, photo albums.  Built by uk gardeners for uk gardeners.  Non commercial
National Begonia Society South, Coast Area.   Society Details & History.  Tutorial.  Gallery
Gardening Forums run by individual members linked to a Home Page, with links, a small Plant Database, Dictionary of Terms & Techniques.
The Bundaberg Bush House and Orchid Club was traditionally a shade house garden club with members growing shade loving plants in their shade houses such as Orchids, Ferns,